James E. Neville

        With a 35-year background in real estate, land development, investment,

and asset management, James Neville founded Neville Development, L.L.C. in November 2005 to revitalize New Orleans and bring people home to affordable apartments and single and multi-family dwellings. As an expert with marketing knowledge of the development process, Mr. Neville works with all types of projects from their conception through final completion. He has the expertise to assemble outstanding teams of planners and architects, accountants, construction management, property management, buyers, and residents.

Prior positions included Property Manager with the Copley Group in Boston, Manager of Real Estate, T. L. James and Co., Project Manager, Historic Restoration Inc., and President of First Bank and Trust Community Development Corp. 

Mr. Neville holds an MBA from A.B. Freeman School Tulane University in New Orleans, and a BA in Finance from Loyola University in New Orleans.